What are the Different Types of Woven Labels?

What are the Different Types of Woven Labels

Woven labels are frequently composed of cotton or polyester, with your design and label being created by weaving together the threads. This boosts the label’s endurance and creates a velvety finish throughout. Woven labels may improve the appearance and feel of your brand in a manner that printed labels might not be able to do to their nature. Leading luxury companies like Gucci, YSL, and many others frequently choose woven cotton because of its luxurious feel. Woven label manufacturers make many different varieties of woven labels which will be discussed in this article.

Types of Woven Labels

1. Damask Woven Label
The most popular and efficient labels used nowadays are those made of woven damask. Thin polyester strands are tightly woven into damask, giving it an extremely smooth feel. These high quality labels, which come in hundreds of colours, are prized for their exquisite degree of detail and luxurious feel on the skin.

2. Satin woven label
The luxurious polyester-based thread used to create satin woven labels is velvety and sheen-free. can be woven for a refined appearance with a single needle or a broadloom thread. Satin labels, for instance, are particularly common in bridal, formal, antique, and even baby apparel.

3. Satin Reverse Woven Labels
In order to produce labels with a more elegant matte appearance, satin threads are reverse woven. Without the gloss, these labels are of the same quality as Satin Woven labels. Additionally, it makes a larger range of ground colours possible and provides the label a more textured appearance.

4. Taffeta Woven Labels
Clothing labels made of taffeta are reasonably priced. Customers who are searching for a low-cost durable label alternative with eye-catching logos should keep this product in mind. Taffeta woven labels are a great choice for use on blankets, jackets, caps, bags, and other outerwear goods since they are created with thicker, somewhat stiffer polyester strands.

5. Iron On Woven Labels
Most woven label goods, including taffeta, damask, or satin, may be used to create Iron On Woven labels. A permanent adhesive is used by the garment label manufacturers in Ahmedabad for iron on woven labels which is extremely strong and fully washable. Additionally, this kind of label may be applied quickly with an iron! This label works well to hide another label or to decorate sports team clothing.

6. Pillow Woven Labels
Pillow woven labels can be the solution for you if you’re seeking for a 3 dimensional woven label. These labels, which are filled with yarn to provide a distinctive “pillow” appearance, are also referred to as puff labels, yarn injection labels, or padded labels. Commonly used as zipper pulls or patches are pillow woven labels. High-quality damask is advised.

7. Self Adhesive Woven Labels
Contrary to Iron-on weaved labels, self-adhesive Labels may sometimes be referred to as “peel and stick.” These labels, which resemble stickers, can be produced from Taffeta, Damask, or Satin. can also be die- or laser-cut into a variety of unique forms. Typically used for stationery goods, shoes, name badges, carpets, and furniture. A permanent garment label is not advised.

8. Embossed Woven Labels
A three-dimensional stamped pattern is shown on the face of an embossed woven label. As a result, the pattern is raised slightly, giving it a distinctive appearance that can be felt as well as viewed. It is always advised using a satin or damask woven label as the foundation.

9. Needle Loom Woven Labels
The best labels for high-end clothing are needle loom woven labels. made with rounded, smooth tie-knot edges that won’t irritate skin. Available in Damask, Taffeta, and Satin. mostly applied to upscale or formal attire such as dress shirts, cashmere, lingerie and wedding

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