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HPBL manufactures a variety of transport and storage containers (Jumbo bags/FIBCs) for both dry and liquid (bulk) goods. Jumbo bags are increasingly substituting paper, plastic and cardboard packaging solutions for industrial customers.

Technical Textiles
Technical textiles


Polypropylene woven geotextile offers filtration, soil stabilization, separation and reinforcement application making them very crucial for the construction industry. HPBL is a geotextile fabric manufacturer in India that offers a wide range of PP woven geotextiles which offer dimensional stability, microbiological resistance, UV stabilized for longevity and high strength.

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Controlling water is crucial for the functioning of buildings, roads, embankments and other structures. Using geotextiles as a filter is possibly the oldest and most common application. KPW G series geotextiles are manufactured with high tensile strength and low elongation to provide dimensional stability and load distribution, reducing rutting and extending the life of paved and unpaved roadways

The combination of the right pore size and water permeability prevents leaching of the fine soil particles, but also ensures drainage of excess water.


KPW G series Geotextiles also used as reinforcement fabrics, which combine a high tensile strength with a low elongation, useful in constructions of build dikes or roads on a very soft subsoil, because it may not be economically justifiable, technically feasible or constructively feasible using conventional methods. It provides axial strength, excellent drainage properties, and soil stability to desired areas of structure placement. The use of such material reduces construction time, area excavation and fill costs, and offers long-term structure stability. It offers sufficient tensile strength and anchorage length to withstand the forces of settlement or heavy traffic.

Woven Geotextile Textile


Separation is the process of preventing two different materials from mixing. KPW G series geotextiles enable separating the subgrade soil and subbase fill materials, thus preserving the strength characteristics of the aggregate material and also preserves the drainage behavior. Using geotextile fabrics as a stabilization technique allows unstable subgrade areas to strengthen their bearing capacity, limit any deformation, and decrease any structure settlements.
Geotextiles For North America
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Technical textiles


A permeable weed-blocking cloth known as ground cover, commonly referred to as weed control mat, was created especially for the agricultural, surroundings, and organic industries. Additionally, the weaving structure ensures that water drains and directly infiltrates the soil without harming the fabric and yields the greatest results for weed control and soil stability.

Ground Cover is a great option for weed management while decreasing the need for weedicides in nurseries, greenhouses, landscape applications, and other applications.

100% PP tape is used for the ground cover, which has UV stabilisers to extend its lifespan. Ground Covers are a more affordable option because they are lightweight, simple to install, simple to fold and distribute, stick to the ground, and are resistant to tearing, piercing, and weed penetration.
We manufacture ground covers in different colors for different applications and the major types of ground covers produced are:

• Black with stripes/Grids
• White with stripes/Grids
• Black and White

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