HPBL understands its responsibility to its environment and community.

We at HPBL prioritise sustainable business practices. We incorporate manufacturing processes with minimal adverse impact on environment and society,  while conserving energy and natural resources. We ensure that the local community is cared for and benefits by our presence.


At HPBL, we believe that it is our responsibility to do right by the planet and its natural resources. We adopt certain practices wherein we use renewable energy to run our manufacturing operations, and also not produce any pollutants through our processes.

  • Renewable energy : We currently meet 40% of our energy demands through renewable sources, with the capacity to generate 3.5 MW of solar power and 1.5 MW of wind power.
  • Zero Toxic Discharge into the water : None of the chemicals and materials used in our manufacturing process gets discharged into the water, ensuring that we keep our water bodies clean.
  • No Air Pollution : None of our manufacturing processes produce pollutants in the air.
  • Rainwater Harvesting : We are equipped with rain water harvesting systems wherein we harvest rain water for utilisation.

Recyclability & Re-usability

All products manufactured by us here at HPBL are 100% recyclable. We ensure that all wastage generated in our manufacturing processes is recycled and re-granulated.

  • Plastic Recyclability : We recycle all polypropylene products that is not relevant for our process or has not been deemed fit to use.
  • Product Reusability : All 6:1 safety Factor rated FIBCs can be used several times.
  • Water Recycling : We recycle our waste water through means of Sewage Treatment Plant and reuse the same for our toilets and gardening.
  • Products with Recycled granulates : Pertaining to the new laws set to be adopted by some of the European Countries, where-in the import of plastic products with 30% recycled raw material has been made mandatory. We will be ready in the near future to offer such products to all our customers, EU and non-EU.

Social Accountability

Through various CSR activities, HPBL ensures that it contributes to its community. Apart from this, we also engage in the following:

  • Employment : We recruit unskilled and semi-skilled workers from nearby communities.
  • Skill Development : We promote skill development amongst our un-skilled employees so that they can become more qualified.
  • Health and Hygiene : We educate, train and counsel our workers routinely on the importance of health and hygiene to ensure that they lead a healthy lifestyle.
  • Women Empowerment : We train and employ women from nearby communities whereby the family gets an extra earning member.
  • No Child Labour : We do not employ anyone under the age of 18.

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