Different FIBC Bulk Bag Designs for the Food Industry

Different FIBC Bulk Bag Designs for the Food Industry

The fabric weight, bulk density, coating, and lining of FIBC Bags are crucial in the industry. Some buyers, however, might overlook the FIBC Bags crucial design and packing. An important factor is the packaging solutions’ design and quality. If your FIBC bulk bags are poorly or improperly designed, they may not adequately protect the contents within or may not be strategically formed, which can result in contamination, spillage, and significant inventory loss. You must avoid wasting resources in the food industry (agricultural produce) such as time, space, and products. Food product contamination or spills must never occur, no matter how little.
FIBCs are sturdy solutions for bulk packaging that are good for the environment and can support heavy loads. Due to their flexible packaging and storage options, these bags are the most often used logistics-based packaging solutions worldwide. Businesses in India and around the world are now looking for sustainable packaging options in order to effectively save both the environment and the products. In this article, we will discuss in depth about these bags.

Different Types of FIBC Bulk Bags for the Food Industry

There is a wide selection of FIBC bags made by the bulk bag manufacturers on the market that are appropriate for various industrial uses and applications. The following bags are perfect for storing and transporting food products securely and effectively in the food sector. Each of the below mentioned FIBC Bulk Bags has its functionality, design, and benefits.

4-Panel FIBC Bulk Bags

The best standard bags that may be customised with cross-corner or side-seam loops with various top and bottom attachments for filling & discharging are 4-Panel FIBC bags, which have a SWL of 500 kg to 2,000 kg and a Safety Factor of 5:1/6:1. Excellent for making the most of the bag’s corners and storage space.

Baffle/Q FIBC Bulk Bags

They possess the capacity to hold 30% more material per bag than a typical FIBC Bag without causing any side bulges or tipping over. As they are being filled and discharged, baffle bags prevent spills and contamination. increases stability and offers.

Tubular/Circular FIBC Bulk Bags

Tubular/Circular FIBC Bulk Bags are the ideal choice for storing and transporting fine granular food products like seeds, rice, and wheat grains as well as powdery substance food products like sugar, salt, and flour because they have a superior SWL of 500 kg to 2,000 kg, are strong, and do not have vertical seams on either side of the bag.

U-Panel FIBC Bulk Bags

Two side panels are joined to a U-shaped single piece of fabric in U-Panel FIBC bags. It is the most functional FIBC Bag available, ideal for carrying huge loads, and even when completely filled, it puts less strain on the bag’s foundation.

Open-top and flat-bottom FIBC bags

It is easy to fill and empty food items due to the design’s open top and flat bottom. To ensure that the contents are handled securely and effectively, these bags may have spouts, closures, and liners, to name just a few features.

Duffle top and spout bottom FIBC bags

With this design, the bag may be opened, loaded, and easily emptied thanks to the duffel top and spout bottom. These bags are typically filled with fine powders and granular food ingredients that require a controlled flow and minimal dusting.

FIBC bags with discharge spouts

This design’s discharge spout provides precise and controlled release of the contents. These bags can be fitted with a range of discharge options, including flat spouts, conical spouts, and pyramid spouts, depending on the specific requirements of the food product.
When it comes to FIBC bags for the food industry, HPBL offers a distinctive advantage. With a deep understanding of the unique requirements of the food sector, we customise FIBC bag designs to cater to your specific needs. From 4-Panel FIBC bags that maximise storage space to U-Panel bags that distribute loads efficiently, we ensure that your food products are stored and transported securely. HPBL’s food-grade FIBC bags feature open tops and flat bottoms, facilitating easy filling and discharge, while duffle top and spout bottom designs enable controlled flow, reducing dusting. Our FIBC bags come with a range of discharge spout options to meet your precise needs. With a commitment to quality and safety, our FIBC bags are designed to protect your food products from contamination, spillage, and other risks. By choosing HPBL FIBC bags, you’re making a choice for reliability, efficiency, and product integrity in the food industry





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